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Geology and Hydrogeology of Charlotte, VT

The project includes bedrock and surficial maps, plus the hydrogeology of Charlotte: 

Looking south towards Snake Mtn from Mt PhiloBedrock Geologic Map of Charlotte, Vermont by Gale, M., Kim, J., Earle, H., Clark, A., Smith, T., and Petersen, K., 2009, OFR VG09-5, 3 plates, scale 1:24,000. GIS data 
Surficial Geologic Map of Charlotte, Vermont by Springston, G. and Wright, S., 2009, OFR VG09-6, 1 plate, scale 1:24,000. GIS data 
Hydrogeology of Charlotte, Vermont by Springston, G., Gale, M., Kim, J., Wright, S., Earle, H., Clark, A. and Smith, T., 2010, OFR VG10-1, 32 p, 7 plates, scale 1:24,000. Download GIS data .  See maps below.

Overburden Thickness

thickness of surficial materials

Potentiometric Surface and Flow Lines

Hydrogeologic Units

hydrogeologic units

Bedrock Fracture Data

fracture data

Recharge Potential to Surficial Aquifers

rechargee potential to surficial or shallow aquifers

Bedrock Map

bedrock map of Charlotte

Surficial Geology Map

surficial geologic map of Charlotte

Water Well Chemistry

well water chemistry


Water Well Locations

water well locations

Recharge Potential to Bedrock Aquifer

recharge potential to bedrock aquifers