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Inventory and Inspection


Small and large quantity generators shall maintain a list of all hazardous waste currently in storage at a location apart from the short-term storage area. For generators storing hazardous waste in containers, the list shall identify each container being stored and the type of hazardous waste held by each container. Any hazardous waste being accumulated within a short-term storage area must be included on the list of hazardous waste in storage.

Example Inventory Log


With the exception of generators who accumulate hazardous waste in a short-term storage area, small and large quantity generators shall conduct weekly inspections of each short-term storage area. The inspections shall be recorded in a log that is kept at the facility for at least three years. The log shall contain a checklist of the items to be inspected which shall include:

  • Visual inspection of the short-term storage area for rusting, bulging, or leaking containers or tanks;
  • Inspection of all safety and emergency equipment required under § 7‑311(a)(4);
  • Inspection of adequate aisle space (minimum of 24 inches as specified in § 7‑311(b)(3)) between rows of containers;
  • Description of discrepancies or problem areas encountered in the inspection and the corrective actions taken; and 
  • The signature or initials of the inspector and the date of the inspection.

Note: Weekly inspections must be conducted at least every seven (7) days. 

Example Weekly Inspection Checkli​st