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Environmental Geology Reports, 1971-1975

The Environmental GeologyReport series are simplified versions of maps of bedrock and surficial materials, construction conditions, groundwater potential, solid waste disposal, sand and gravel reserves, and septic conditions. The series, developed for planning purposes, includes text and regional information.

Env Geology No 1: Geology for Environmental Planning in the Barre-Montpelier Region, Vermont, DP Stewart, 1971, 5 plates plus text 

Seasonal Water Systems

A seasonal public water system is a transient non-community water system that is not operated as a public water system on a year-round basis and starts up and shuts down at the beginning and end of each operating season. Seasonal systems:

  • Do not serve water to a public population (25 or more people) year round;
  • Start-up and shutdown at the beginning and end of an operating system; and
  • Seasonal systems do not necessarily depressurize.

Examples of typical seasonal TNC water systems:

Transient Non-Community Water Systems

In Vermont, people assume that the drinking water they consume while recreating, dining out, traveling, and staying overnight at public facilities is safe to drink. To make this assumption a reality, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Vermont Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division (DWGWPD) have guidelines to help facilities serving the public provide safe drinking water.  These guidelines apply to transient non-community (TNC) water systems. 

PCWS, NTNC, TNC and Domestic Bottled and Bulk Water Operating Permits


All Public Water Supply Systems (PCWS, NTNC, TNC) are required to have a source water permit for any new source, hydrofracturing or deepening of an existing source, or any increase in withdrawal of an existing source. Applicants for a permit must comply with the Water Supply Rule Chapter 21.

The Source Permit Program Map indicates which hydrogeologist is responsible for which county.

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