Inspection Program

A dam inspection is the examination of a dam to determine its condition and need for improved operation, maintenance, study and analyses, repairs, rehabilitation, or removal. Dam inspections are vital to identifying deficiencies at dams that may pose unacceptable dam safety risks and reducing the chance of an incident or failure. It is important that inspections be performed by those experienced and qualified in dam safety engineering.

Unsafe Dam State Revolving Fund

The Department administers an Unsafe Dam Revolving Fund, a special fund, pursuant to adopted Rules to provide funding to municipalities, nonprofit entities, and private individuals, for the reconstruction, repair, removal, breaching, draining, or other action necessary to reduce the threat of a dam or portion of a dam determined to be unsafe pursuant to section 1095 of 10 VSA Chapter 43.

Dam Removal

Dam SiteDam removal has in recent years been used as a tool to restore rivers while addressing the on-going problems of aging, and deteriorating, infrastructure. Of the 1,200 known dams in Vermont, many no longer serve a useful purpose and impose legal and financial burdens on their owners. In some cases, removal of these dams makes sense for economic, public safety, ecological or social reasons.

Hydroelectric Power

Dam Spillway

There are approximately 85 hydroelectric generation facilities operating in Vermont and on waters bordering other states. Under state law, the Agency of Natural Resources is charged with ensuring that these projects are operated so that the state's rivers and lakes - which are public trust resources - continue to meet Vermont's water quality standards

Streamflow Protection

Protection of instream flow is a critical aspect of managing our waters in a sustainable manner. While the benefits of flow regulation – hydroelectric power, flood control, water for numerous purposes – are obvious, the impacts often are not. In Vermont, we have focused much attention on maintaining adequate minimum flows to protect aquatic habitat and stream ecology, but other aspects of flow protection are equally important.

Dam Safety Program (DSP)

"The mission of the Vermont Dam Safety Program is to reduce risks to life, property, and the environment from dam incidents and dam failure through effective communication, education, regulation, and dam ownership"


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