Draft Permit Notices

Public Notice Information for Actions Proposed by the Indirect Discharge Program and Underground Injection Control Program

As of January 1, 2018 public noticing for these programs will be found in the Environmental Notice Bulletin.  There are some applications which were received prior to the launch of the ENB; public comments for those applications are being accepted by the Drinking Water & Groundwater Protection Division through the process outlined below. The public notice document describes the proposed activity being regulated and explains how to submit comments. Conditions for conducting the proposed activity can be found in the draft permit or certification.

One or more proposed permit decisions were added to this page on:  October 30, 2019

Indirect Discharge Permit Program Permit Information



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  Please visit https://enb.vermont.gov/ for all Indirect Discharge Permit Public Noticing    
Underground Injection Control Program Permit Information
Applicant/Facility Documents Comment By Staff Contact
City of Burlington, Burlington International Airport Previously Burlington International Airport submitted renewal application for 6-0117.  This is now being public noticed on our Environmental Notice Bullentin as a combined permit for 6-0117, 6-0084 and 6-0075 of the Burlington International Airport.  The new BTV Permit # is 6-0137.  Please visit https://enb.vermont.gov/ for all Underground Injection Control permit public notices.   Nathan Kie