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Statewide Soil Report

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1/19/2017: The public comment period is now closed. We will be going through comments and issuing a response in the near future. 

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In accordance with Act 52 (H.269) An Act relating to the transportation and disposal of excavated
development soils legally described as solid waste (June 5, 2015), this study was conducted by
Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Conservation, Waste
Management and Prevention Division personnel with funding and technical support provided by
the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Brownfield Program. Soil samples were collected from
August through November 2015.

Surface soil samples were collected spatially throughout Vermont to determine background
concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), arsenic, and lead from locations
presumed to not have anthropogenic sources of these compounds. For the purposes of this
study, background is defined as the concentration of PAHs, arsenic, or lead attributed to
atmospheric deposition or naturally occurring minerology. These data may be used to
differentiate hazardous material releases to the environment versus background conditions and
subsequent soil management.