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Water Investment Division

Introduction: The Water Investment Division coordinates investment of State and federal funding to all types of clean water and drinking water infrastrcuture in Vermont.  The Division manages the State Revolving Loan Funds (SRF) for clean water and drinking water infrastructure, and the Department’s proportion of annual Clean Water Fund and Capital Fund dollars that support water infrastructure throughout Vermont.  The Division coordinates annual reporting for all funds, publishing annual State Revolving Fund, Clean Water Investment, and Tactical Basin Planning Reports, and


Agency Facilities provides design assistance and construction oversight on dams owned by the Agency of Natural Resources. This includes earthen embankment, stone, and concrete dams, of varying sizes and ages. While dams can provide increased recreational opportunities, they are also critical structures that can have catastrophic consequences in the event of a failure. It is crucial that these structures are properly designed, constructed, and regularly maintained to ensure the safety of the downstream community.

Fish Hatcheries

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department operates five fish culture stations (otherwise known as hatcheries) throughout the state and releases approximately 1.5 million fish into Vermont lakes, ponds, and streams every spring. This creates plentiful fish populations, which ensures a healthy future for the native fish species and creates more recreational angling opportunities. Agency Facilities works closely with the Fish and Wildlife Department to design, permit, and construct hatchery improvements. 

Shooting Ranges

Agency Facilities does its part to uphold Vermont’s traditional hunting culture by working with the Fish and Wildlife Department to locate, design, and construct publicly accessible shooting ranges around the state. These ranges provide a safe environment for hunters, sportsmen and other firearm enthusiasts to sharpen their skills and fine tune their sights. 

Sustainable Design

Agency Facilities strives to incorporate sustainable design into our projects to better conserve environmental and economic resources, and serve as a role model for land and building owners across the state. We do our utmost to ensure our work is minimally invasive and promotes the connection of people to the natural world.

Conservation Camps

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department owns two Green Mountain Conservation Camps (GMCCs), located on Buck Lake in Woodbury and on Lake Bomoseen in Castleton.  These camps offer week-long hands-on summer programs for boys and girls ages 12-16 to learn about natural resources and the outdoors. Activities include hiking, fishing, canoeing, archery, rifle and shotgun shooting, as well as the opportunity to meet Vermont State Game Wardens, foresters, fisheries, and wildlife biologists.

Wildlife Management Areas

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department owns more than 80 Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) throughout the state, totaling over 133,000 acres. Each area is open to the public and offers a unique diversity of native plants and animals. The WMAs are enjoyed by the public for hiking, wildlife observation, bird watching, and educational opportunities. Many hunters, anglers, and trappers favor these areas, as all Vermont WMAs are open to regulated hunting, trapping, and fishing.

State Parks Infrastructure

Vermont has a system of 52 state parks, which are fully operational from mid-May through mid-October every year. These parks vary in size and services offered, and as such, the infrastructure at each state park is highly diverse. Constant maintenance and upgrades are necessary to ensure the parks are fully operational and can accommodate a wide variety of guests. 


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