agency facilities

Fishing Access Areas

The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife maintains more than 180 developed fishing access areas throughout the state, providing public access for boat launching and shore fishing.  These access areas vary in size and services offered, as well as the size of watercraft they can accommodate. Locations are chosen based on shoreline habitat conditions that provide anglers with the most promising opportunities. 

Operating Permit Application Guidance

New sources subject to the operating permit requirements must submit their application within 12 months of becoming subject to the requirements of Subchapter X of the Regulations. Whereas construction permits are good for the life of the project (provided no modifications are made), the operating permit must be renewed every five years to incorporate any new requirements that may have been adopted in the interim.  The following documents provide guidance  to assist the applicant with completeing  an Air Pollution Control Operating Permit.  

Facilities Engineering

The Facilities Engineering Division administers state and federal pollution control and drinking water funding programs, assists municipalities through the planning and construction of pollution control and drinking water projects, provides fund administration for other Department of Environmental Conservation grant and loan programs, and provides project engineering and implementation services to the Agency for a variety of projects, including construction and maintenance of state park facilities, fish culture stations, access areas, and dams.


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