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Do You Need a State Permit? Recycle with Paintcare Be Septic Smart Recycling Free Recycling Options

Do you need a State Permit? Ask a Permit Specialist -  Overview of the services of the Permit Assistance Specialists  (8½” x 14” quad-fold brochure)
Recycle with Paintcare: About the Vermont program – Everything you need to know about Vermont’s paint recycling program (3½” x 8½” tri-fold brochure)
Do your Part – Be SepticSmart! – Overview of how septic systems work and how to maintain them to keep them working properly (4” x 9” quad-fold brochure)
Recycling Resimplified – List of six materials that can be recycled in Vermont with examples for each category. Has a list of solid waste management entities on the back (3½” x 8½” tri-fold flyer)
5 Free Recycling Programs - Batteries, Electronics, Mercury Bulbs, Paint and Thermostats – Tri-fold color flyer shows free recycling options for 5 common waste items that could pose a hazard if disposed improperly (3½” x 8½” tri-fold flyer)

On-site loans Disposal Mercury

On-site Loan Program – Fact sheet about this loan program for homeowners that can provide low-cost financing for the repair or replacement of failed septic and/or water supply systems (8½” x 11” fact sheet)
Vermont State Law Disposal Bans – Shows items that are banned from Vermont landfills including new items under Act 148 (8½” x 14” quad-fold poster)
Eat Fish Low in Mercury – Two-sided color card shows mercury content of fish you catch or buy on one side and full Vermont fish consumption advisory on reverse side (6”x 9” card)

Wetlands ShorelandsVermont electronic recycling inforecycle your mercury thermostat - get 5$

Landowner's Guide to Wetlands – What to know before you purchase land or build (5½” x 8½” bi-fold pamphlet)
Shoreland Development: When do you need a state permit? – Guide to help identify when a permit is needed under new Shoreland Development Rules (8½” x 11” fact sheet)
Vermont e-cycles: Don't Trash Your Electronics! - Info on Vermont's free electronics recycling program (3½” x 8½” tri-fold brochure)
Mercury Thermostat Recycling Program - How to recycle your mercury thermostat and get $5 (3½” x 8½” tri-fold brochure)

Do You Need a State Permit?
Recycle with Paintcare
Do Your Part - Be Septic Smart
Recycling Resimplified
5 Free Recycling Programs
On-site Loan Program
Vermont State Law Disposal Bans
Eat Fish Low in Mercury
Landowner's Guide to Wetlands
Shoreland Development: When do you need a state permit?
Vermont's e-cycles Program
Recycling Mercury Thermostats