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Do you need a State Permit? Ask a Permit Specialist -  Overview of the services of the Permit Assistance Specialists

Recycle with PaintCare – Everything you need to know about Vermont’s paint recycling program 

Do your Part – Be SepticSmart! – Overview of how septic systems work and how to maintain them to keep them working properly 

A Vermonter's Guide to Recycling – List of materials that can be recycled in Vermont with examples for each category and items to leave out

5 Free Recycling Programs - Batteries, Electronics, Mercury Bulbs, Paint and Thermostats – Tri-fold color flyer shows free recycling options for 5 common waste items that could pose a hazard if disposed improperly 

On-site Loan Program – Fact sheet about this loan program for homeowners that can provide low-cost financing for the repair or replacement of failed septic and/or water supply systems

Vermont State Law Disposal Bans – Shows items that are banned from Vermont landfills including new items under Act 148

Eat Fish Low in Mercury – Two-sided color card shows mercury content of fish you catch or buy on one side and full Vermont fish consumption advisory on reverse side

Landowner's Guide to Wetlands – What to know before you purchase land or build

Shoreland Development: When do you need a state permit? – Guide to help identify when a permit is needed under new Shoreland Development Rules

Vermont e-cycles: Don't Trash Your Electronics! - Info on Vermont's free electronics recycling program

Compost with Confidence - Info on composting in Vermont

Mercury Thermostat Recycling Program - How to recycle your mercury thermostat and get $5

Do You Need a State Permit?
Recycle with PaintCare
Do Your Part - Be Septic Smart
A Vermonter's Guide to Recyling
5 Free Recycling Programs
On-site Loan Program
Vermont State Law Disposal Bans
Eat Fish Low in Mercury
Landowner's Guide to Wetlands
Shoreland Development: When do you need a state permit?
Vermont's e-cycles Program
Compost with Confidence
Recycling Mercury Thermostats