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Regional Haze State Implementation Plan (2018-2028)

This SIP revision is to protect and improve visibility levels in Federal Class I Areas in Vermont as well as in other states affected by air contaminant emissions originating in Vermont.  The only Class I Area in Vermont is the Lye Brook Wilderness Area within the Green Mountain National Forest.  This SIP revision establishes the progress goal and long term strategy for the second ten-year regional haze planning period (2018 – 2028) to achieve the goal of reaching natural background visibility levels by 2064.

Public notice and hearing details

The draft proposed SIP for the public comment period is available for download below:

Proposed Vermont Regional Haze SIP - 2018-2028.pdf

Final SIP documents for download:

1_Cover Letter and Certification_RH SIP.pdf

2_VTANR_RH_SIP_Public Notice_2024.pdf

3_Vermont Regional Haze SIP - 2018-2028.pdf

Appendix A MANE-VU_Speciation_and_Trajectory_Analyses_-_Final.pdf

Appendix B MANEVU Trends 2004-19 Report 2nd SIP Metrics -January 21 2021 Update.pdf

Appendix C MANE-VU CALPUFF Modeling Report Draft 04-4-2017.pdf

Appendix D MANE-VU TSC - Updated QC over d Contribution Assessment - Final.pdf

Appendix E MANE-VU Contributing State Analysis Final.pdf

Appendix F Final consultation framework as approved by MV_Board_060510.pdf

Appendix G MANE-VU_RH_ConsultationReport_Appendices_ThankYouLetters_08302018.pdf

Appendix H Contribution Assessment Preliminary Inventory Analysis.pdf

Appendix I Baseline and Natural Background Visibility Conditions.pdf

Appendix J MANEVU Trends 2004-17 Report 1st SIP Metrics - December 2018 Update.pdf

Appendix K Four-Factor Data Collection Memo - 170314.pdf

Appendix L FINAL_Updates_to_4Factor_Reasonable_Progress_Report_2016_01_31.pdf

Appendix M Status of the Top 167 Stacks from the 2008 MANE-VU Ask.pdf

Appendix N MANE-VU Intra-Regional Ask Final 8-25-2017.pdf

Appendix O MANE-VU Inter-Regional Ask Final 8-25-2017.pdf

Appendix P MANE-VU FLM Final Ask 8-25-2017.pdf

Appendix Q Winter NOX Control Report 171120.pdf

Appendix R High Electric Demand Days and Visibility Impairment in MANE - Final.pdf

Appendix S MANE-VU TSC - Combined Heat and Power Status Report - Final.pdf

Appendix T 4FA_Green Mountain Power_Berlin and Colchester_COMPILED_18Dec2020.pdf

Appendix U OTC MANE-VU 2011 Based Modeling Platform Support Document October 2018 - Final.pdf

Appendix V GMP Berlin and Colchester ops.pdf

Appendix W McNeil aop12005.pdf

Appendix X Federal Land Manager Responses.pdf

Appendix Y EPA Comment Ltr_Proposed VT RH SIP_5-30-24.pdf


For more information about Vermont's Regional Haze State Implementation Plan, please contact Ellen Parr Doering