Statewide Soil Report

19 December 2016
An Evaluation of PAHs, Arsenic, and Lead Background Soil Concentrations in Vermont

Underground Storage Tank Rules

01 October 2011
These rules are intended to protect public health and the environment by establishing standards for the design, installation, operation, maintenance, monitoring and closure of underground storage tanks. These rules apply to persons who own or operate, install, remove, repair, or test underground storage tank systems.

Aboveground Storage Tank Rules

10 February 2014
These rules are intended to protect public health and the environment by: (1) Establishing standards for the design and installation of new aboveground storage tank systems and substantial alteration to existing aboveground storage tank systems; and (2) Establishing standards for the design, installation, and operation of new bulk tank systems and substantial alteration of existing bulk tank systems.

Deposit for Beverage Containers Rule

14 September 2010
(a) These rules are adopted under the Secretary's authority pursuant to 3 V.S.A. Chapter 25 and 10 V.S.A. Chapter 53. (b) These rules apply to: (1) A person manufacturing or distributing a container; (2) A person selling a container at the retail level or operating a business for the purpose of redeeming a container; and (3) A person returning a beverage container to collect the deposit on a container. (c) These rules do not apply to beer or other malt beverages contained in kegs, halfkegs, quarter-kegs, or pony-kegs provided that a deposit on the keg is charged to the consumer for the use of the keg and refunded to the consumer upon return of the keg to the retailer.


16 May 2018
Current list of waste haulers offering food scrap pick-up in Vermont. List maintained by the Agency of Natural Resources.

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