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DEC Compliance Procedure (2019)

14 March 2019
This document communicates the Department’s philosophy on compliance to the Department’s divisions and media programs, identifies requirements and best practices, and provides guidance to programs for their compliance efforts.

Procedure for the Environmentally Sound Management of Electronic Devices

05 September 2017
This Procedure applies to collectors, transporters, and recyclers of electronic devices in Vermont, including those entities that manage electronic devices pursuant to a contract for the implementation and administration of the State Standard Plan or pursuant to a manufacturer opt-out individual plan. It is the purpose of this Procedure to: (1) Establish guidelines for the proper environmental management of electronic devices collected, transported, and recycled in the State of Vermont; and (2) Provide guidance on how to register as a collector, transporter, or recycler under Vermont's electronic waste management law.

Agency Procedure for Determining Acceptable Minimum Stream Flows

14 July 1993
The intent of this procedure is to assure a consistent process is used in determining acceptable minimum stream flows when there are existing or potential competing uses of the water. This does not necessarily mean that a uniform minimum stream flow number will be reached in every case. What it does mean is that the minimum stream flow numbers will be derived using a consistent procedure.

Procedure for Determining Significant Non-Compliance for Vermont's Water Pollution Control Permit Program

03 September 1995
It is the purpose of this procedure to establish which types of non-compliance will normally be given priority in Agency response efforts with respect to discharge permits issues pursuant to 10 V.S.A. §1263; except that this procedure does not apply to indirect discharge permits issued pursuant to the Indirect Discharge Rules, Chapter 14: Environmental Protection Rules.

Response to Public Comments on Procedure for Water Quality Remediation Plans July 7, 2015

07 July 2015
On May 1, 2015, the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) placed on public notice and requested public comment on its Procedure for Water Quality Remediation Plans (Procedure). The public comment period remained open for 30-days. DEC received public comments from the Vermont Natural Resources Council and VHB. DEC’s responses to these comments are located in this document.

Flood Hazard Area and River Corridor Protection Procedure

07 September 2017
The Flood Hazard Area & River Corridor Protection Procedure describes how DEC: 1)Defines and maps flood hazard areas and river corridors; 2) makes floodway determinations and recommendations Under Criterion 1D – Floodways, in support of Act 250 and Section 248 proceedings; 3)involves municipalities, regional planning commissions, and other affected parties in the update and revision of river corridor maps, and 4) makes recommendations to other programs, departments, and agencies of state government regarding activities proposed in flood hazard areas and river corridors.

Procedure for Evaluating Petitions to Adopt, Amend or Repeal Surface Water and Wetland Rules

15 November 2013
DEC is issuing this "Procedure for Evaluating Petitions to Adopt, Amend or Repeal Surface Water and Wetland Rules" to provide guidelines for potential petitioners and other persons or entities interested in DEC's surface water and wetlands rulemaking. This procedure is intended to promote clear, transparent and consistent decision-making and assist petitioners and interested entities in submitting petitions during this interim period until the Secretary adopts a Department rule to supplant the NRB's Rules of Procedure. This procedure replaces the interim procedure of the same name signed on January 30, 2013.


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