Fees, Applications and Permits

Various certifications and permits required by either state or federal rules and regulations. Permits for various wastewater and drinking water programs are linked below along with certifications and licenses for individuals.

Source Water Permitting

All Public Water Supply Systems (PCWS, NTNC, TNC, Domestic Bottled/Bulk Water) are required to have a source water permit for any new source, hydrofracturing or deepening of an existing source, or any increase in withdrawal of an existing source.  Applicants for this permit must comply with the Water Supply Rule Chapter 21 and if applying for a Domestic Bottled or Bulk Water Permit, it must also comply with the requirements of the Groun

Wastewater Systems and Potable Water Supplies Permit Applications

Regional Office Permits

ANR Online

The application portal is located here: ANR Online.  To begin filling out an application,  click on the title of the Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Permit Application which is specific to your Regional Office.  Further instructions are located on the opening pages of that form.

Lake Encroachment Permitting

Lake Encroachment Permits (LEP) are issued under 29 V.S.A Chapter 11 (Management of Lakes and Ponds), which regulates Encroachment in public waters. The goals of this program are to minimize the encroachment on public waters as well as ensure that projects do not adversely affect the public good and are consistent with the Public Trust Doctrine.

Private Ponds

A shoreline with the trees reflecting on the water.

Private ponds are defined as ponds owned by one person or entity and located entirely on the owner's property.  If natural, they may be up to 20 acres in size. Artificial private ponds may be any size (10 V.S.A. Section 5210).  Vermont has hundreds of small ponds, many of which provide a great habitat for plants, animals, and people.

Permit Handbook

Online Permit Handbook Sheets
Permit Handbook information sheets
The Permit Handbook was once a 3-ring binder of information sheets found in many town offices and state offices--created by the EAO to assist people in understanding the various permit programs of the State of Vermont. The paper copies are no longer in service, but the usefulness lives on in this online version.


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