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drinking water - water quality monitoring

Lead in School and Child Care Drinking Water

In Vermont, lead in drinking water at schools and child care facilites falls under several regulations. A school or child care facility that has its own well and water treatment and is a public water system is regulated under the Lead and Copper Rule. A school that gets water from a community water system is not sampled as part of the community water system's LCR compliance testing, which prioritizes residences.

What are Cyanobacteria?

Magnified cyanobacteria

Cyanobacteria are photosynthesizing bacteria that may produce cyanotoxins that can cause illness to exposed human and animal populations.   A bloom is a visually identified concentration of cyanobacteria that discolors the water.  Cyanobacterial cells may be found at the water surface, at a defined depth, or present throughout the water column. 

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