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Surface Water Diversion and Transfer Study Group

Surface Water Diversion and Transfer Study Group

Pursuant to Act 173 of 2020 (An act related to surface water diversions) the Agency of Natural Resources has convened a Surface Water Diversion and Transfer Study Group to investigate and make recommendations to the General Assembly regarding the environmental, economic, and recreation impacts of surface water diversions, including the transfer of surface water between watersheds.

Below are supporting documents related to the Study Group and link to meetings, agendas and presentations.

Funding Opportunities

Becoming more flood resilient, through restoring, protecting and conserving river corridors and floodplains has several benefits.  Avoiding human encroachment in areas susceptible to flooding and erosion mitigates the loss of life and property during floods.  River corridors and floodplains also provide important terrestrial and aquatic habitat and help to maintain and improve water quality.  Additional incentives for communities to take actions to become more flood resilient include receiving priority rating in several competitive grant programs administered by the Agency of Natural Resour

Rivers Permit Information

If an activity will change, alter, or modify the course, current, or cross section of any watercourse within or along the boundaries of VT, that activity may be require a permit.  The Rivers Program issues permits covering three general areas of activities.  These three areas are: 

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