Open Burning

Using Air Quality Forecasts

Map of New England Showing AQITo minimize potential health impacts from open burning, we recommend utilizing air quality forecasts when planning the burn. Depending on the meteorological conditions, the proximity of the burn to residences, and air quality level on the day of the burn, smoke from open burning may cause health problems such as respiratory effects or aggravation of heart and lung diseases.

Backyard Burning

Under Vermont Air Pollution Regulations, the open burning of natural wood and yard waste from property maintenance, property clearing, and so forth is allowed without a permit from the Air Quality and Climate Division. Open burning of trash is never allowed in Vermont, however, there are still reports of illegal burning across the state.

Open Burning

NOTICE: To reduce the risk of wildland fires during the COVID-19, the Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation has issued an advisement that the public postpone all outdoor burning until May 30th.  A copy of the advisement can be found here.  Additionally, your local forest fire warden may be unable to issue you a permit to burn at this time.  If you wish to inquire with your local forest fire warden to see if a permit can be obtained, a contact list can be found

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