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Certification of Information Accuracy

When a Facility submits certain information to the Air Quality & Climate Division, a responsible official of the Facility (see definition below) must attest to its accuracy.  This form is required for Permit Applications, Requests for Transfer of Ownership of a Permitted Facility, Annual Registration Submittals and Annual/Semi-Annual Compliance Reports.

Air Quality Impact Evaluation

An Air Quality Impact Evaluation (AQIE) is an evaluation, using approved computer models, of the ambient air quality impacts that the public may be expected to be exposed to due to air pollution emissions from one or more facilities.  The pollutants emitted by the facility, the emission rates, stack parameters (e.g. heights, flow rates, temperature), building parameters, terrain, and meteorology are all taken into account to predict potential ambient impacts caused by the facility.  An AQIE may be conducted for criteria pollutants (e.g. CO, NOx, PM, SO2) or hazardous air contaminants (e.g.

Point Source Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

Permit Fees

The Air Permitting & Engineering Section of the Air Quality & Climate Division currently assesses permit application fees for issuance of Permits to Construct and Transfers of Permit Ownership.  No permit application fees are assessed for issuance of Permits to Operate unless modifications to the facility are proposed that require a Permit to Construct in which case the Permit to Construct fees then apply.  These fees are set forth in 3 V.S.A. 2822(j)(1)(A).

Source Categories

These pages are intended to provide overviews on regulatory concerns and requirements for specific source categories. They are not intended to provide a complete, detailed review for each category. Those seeking more specific information  are encouraged to contact the  AQCD Permits & Engineering Section.


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