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Wetland Delineation Consultant Improvements

June 1, 2018
The Agency of Natural Resource (ANR) Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Wetlands Program retained consultation services from the Vermont Certified Public Managers Program (VCPM®) in November 2017 to assist with Wetland Consultant Accountability. This is their final report which outlines action items for improving the quality of wetland delineation work throughout the State.

WSMD Annual Report 2016

December 15, 2016
This report presents the fundamentals of who we are, what we do, and how we set priorities. It also highlights our work in 2016 and describes our strategic priorities moving forward. The report is organized into four sections.
The first Watershed Management Division Overview, introduces the Division by outlining our mission, vision, and goals. It also describes why we conduct our work on a watershed scale and how we are organized to best accomplish this work. The second section highlights the Guiding Documents and Principles that direct and prioritize our work, including the Watershed Management Division Strategic Plan, the Vermont Surface Water Management Strategy, and the Tactical Basin Planning Process. We also describe how we frame our work—as protecting, maintaining, enhancing, and restoring our surface waters—and the tools we use to achieve these goals. The third section, Program Highlights, details the work of our eight programs—three media-specific—Wetlands, Rivers, and Lakes and Ponds; two federally delegated—Stormwater and Wastewater; and three that integrate surface waters and media—Monitoring, Assessment, and Planning, Clean Water Initiative, and Business and Operational Support Services. The final section summarizes how we Measure and Track Progress. It describes the current state of Vermont's water quality via population level indicators and environmental measures, as well as social, investment, and project output measures. It summarizes how we report our progress through the Vermont Clean Water Annual Investment Report and the Results Based Accountability Report.
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