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SWAG - Stormwater Advisory Group

What is SWAG?

Stormwater runoff comes from a multitude of sources, and controlling stormwater therefore affects many different groups.  With that in mind, the Stormwater Advisory Group (SWAG) was convened in 2004 to aid the Agency in developing TMDLs and implementation plans for Vermont’s stormwater impaired waters. Members include representatives from local, state, and federal governments, engineering firms, environmental groups, and other interested parties.  SWAG seeks to bring these stakeholders together during the development process to maximize the potential for efficient and successful implementation of remediation efforts.

A Framework for Remediation of Vermont's Stormwater Impaired Waters, revised January 2010

Prior Meetings - Click on the links to find PowerPoints, meeting minutes, agendas, attendance lists, and other documents associated with each meeting