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Act 57 (2023) Aquatic Nuisance Control Study Committee

Act 57 (2023) Aquatic Nuisance Control Study Committee

Through the passage of Act 57 (2023), the Vermont Legislature established the Aquatic Nuisance Control (ANC) Study Committee. The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation Lakes and Ponds Program has jurisdiction over the state’s statutory ANC permitting program, which issues permits pursuant to the requirements of 10 V.S.A. § 1455. Act 57 established this Study Committee to assess the environmental and public health effects of the use of pesticides, chemicals other than pesticides, and biological controls for aquatic nuisance control in State waters. The Study Committee shall submit to the Vermont General Assembly recommendations regarding whether and when pesticides, chemicals other than pesticides, or biological controls should be used to control aquatic nuisances in Vermont. See the full act for more details.

Aquatic Nuisance Control Study Committee Membership:

  • Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC):   Kim Jensen, Aquatic Biologist and AIS Section Lead
  • Fish and Wildlife (F&W):  Eric Palmer, Fisheries Division Director
  • Vermont Department of Health (VDH):   Sarah Owen, PhD, State Toxicologist
  • UVM Aquatic Biologist:   Dr. Ellen Marsden, Professor, Fisheries
  • UVM Public Health Expert:   Dr. William Bress, Assistant Professor,  Environmental Public Health, Toxicology, Occupational Health
  • House of Representatives:   Amy Sheldon, Addison-1, Chair - House Committee on Environment and Energy,
  • Senate:   Chris Bray, Addison District, Chair - Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy
  • Administrative / Technical Support:   Olin Reed, Aquatic Biologist & Permit Specialist, Vermont DEC
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