invasive species

ANC General Permit

On May 1, 2018, the Aquatic Nuisance Control General Permit for the use of nonchemical aquatic nuisance and rapid response control activities, was issued.  This general permit is limited to the use of benthic barriers and powered mechanical devices that utilize diver assisted suction harvesting as nonchemical aquatic nuisance control activities in waters of the State.  Control activities include: aquatic nuisance control activities that target only aquatic plants determined to be an

Vermont Invasive Patrollers

Due to Covid-19 Guidelines, VIP Workshop(s) may take place on-line in July with the potential to have on-water sessions as well. These potential VIP Training opportunities are still being decided upon. As the season progresses and staff are hired, the AIS Program hopes the the plans will become more concrete. As they do, informaiton will be posted here, please check here for these updates. Returning patrollers may continue to report findings and use the updated information below.

Vermont Public Access Greeter Program

THE 2021 GREETER PROGRAM TRAININGS ARE NOW SCHEDULED! See the schedule and registration information below. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic ALL Greeters and Coordinators are REQUIRED to receive training prior to working and to follow the Covid-19 Guidelines as explained below. If the Greeter Program is stationed at a VT Fishing Access Area, they are required to follow the conditions in the Special Use Permit. 


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