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Killington Condominium Association Fined For Failing to Respond to Elevated Lead Levels in Drinking Water

March 13, 2019


March 12, 2019

Montpelier, VT – The Agency of Natural Resources Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced today that Edgemont Owners Association, Inc., which operates the public drinking water system serving the Edgemont Condominiums in Killington, was fined $11,250 for failing to take required response measures after a test of the its drinking water system revealed lead levels above the federal action level.

“The actions of public drinking water system operators, like the Edgemont Owners Association, Inc. are vital to the health, safety, and economies of Vermont’s communities,” says Emily Boedecker, DEC Commissioner. “When Vermonters turn on the tap, they expect to get clean, safe water. When test results do not meet regulations, it’s important for the water system to act quickly to fix the issue. DEC offers guidance and resources to public drinking water systems to help them provide safe drinking water, and we encourage operators to reach out to our staff for assistance.”

In September 2015, routine monitoring of the Edgemont Condominiums’ public water supply revealed lead levels above the federal action level. When levels are above the federal limit, Vermont law requires systems to take specific measures to protect system users. The law, which is protective of public health, requires the system to identify and address elevated lead levels and notify users of the status of their drinking water. Edgemont failed to provide educational materials for water supply users, install corrosion control treatment within the required timeframe, check the lead content of the water entering the system, or monitor for corrosion.

In 2016, DEC provided two formal notifications of these violations with directives for achieving compliance to Edgemont Owners Association. The Association brought the drinking water system back into full compliance in the spring of 2018 by completing the required response measures. Edgemont Owners Association agreed to pay a $11,250 penalty for the violations. This agreement was approved by the Vermont Superior Court, Environmental Division in an order dated March 4, 2019.

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