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Solicitation for Water Quality Data & Information

October 1, 2019

2020 Vermont Water Quality Assessment Report and Various Listings of Waters

In accordance with the Federal Clean Water Act, the State of Vermont is required to report on the quality of its surface waters every two years using all readily available and reliable data and information.  Reporting is done under Sections 305b, 303d and 314 of the Act.  VTDEC uses data and information generated from various monitoring activities and programs for these purposes and is also able to consider data and information collected by others.

By this notice, the Watershed Management Division of VTDEC is soliciting data and information related to rivers and streams, lakes and ponds, and wetlands within Vermont and along its borders for the purpose of improving our data and information about the condition of individual Vermont waters.  For 2020, the Watershed Management Division will accept and consider all data and other information submitted by the close of business on Friday, December 20, 2019.

If there is a waterbody or sampling location believed to be either impaired or altered, please provide details including the appropriate data and a brief discussion documenting the perceived problem. Similarly, VTDEC also seeks information indicating that a current impairment may no longer exist on specific surface waters.  Any submissions to VTDEC for 2020 should be accompanied by a statement of data quality assurance, including collection and analytical methods, location, dates and times of sample collection, observations about the environment that would help explain the measurement (discharges, land use, rainfall, etc.) and any other information that will allow the Watershed Management Division to assess the quality, precision and reliability of the information being provided.  For chemical, physical and/or biological monitoring data to be used in support of listing a waterbody as “impaired” (i.e. not meeting one or more criteria of the Vermont Water Quality Standards), data must be of known and documented quality.

Data and information submissions can be made to Sean Regalado of the Watershed Management Division by email at

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