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Clean Watersheds Needs Survey

April 28, 2023

Vermont is participating in the 2022 National Clean Watersheds Needs Survey.  The survey starts March 1, 2022 and ends April 28, 2023 and performed by US EPA with participation from all of the States.  The survey collects reports and cost information for all of the projects that are planned and needed by states and municipalities to comply with our Clean Water Act obligations. EPA will then compile the survey information and create a report to Congress.

Documents Collected:  Preliminary Engineering Reports, Facilities Plans, Long Term Control Plans, Phosphorus Optimization Plans, Capital Improvement Plans, Flow Restoration Plans, etc...  Not sure on the document?  Please send it anyway.

Document Age:  Documents need to be 6 or less years old at the time of the state of the survey, March 1, 2022.  If your document is older, but still relevant, please send it along.