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Public Meeting to Provide Update on Proposed Draft Wake Boat Rules

Pursuant to 10 V.S.A. §1424, the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation received a petition to adopt a Use of Public Waters Rule regarding the management of wake boats and their activities on Vermont lakes and ponds.

The Use of Public Waters Rules (Rules) govern the aquatic resources management of the public waters of Vermont. The Rules establish a number of general management rules to protect normal uses on all lakes, ponds and reservoirs. If an entity proposes to adopt a Use of Public Waters rule for a public waterbody, they may petition the State to create a recreation-related rule to address a specific recreation-related conflict. The Rules attempt to avoid, where possible, and resolve, when necessary, conflicts in the use of public waters in a comprehensive and integrated manner so that the various uses may be enjoyed in a reasonable manner, considering the best interests of both current and future generations of the citizens of the state and insuring that natural resource values of the public waters are fully protected.

The petition and supporting documents are posted online:

After review of the petition, supporting documents, the scientific literature, and verbal and written comments, the Department has developed a draft rule that will, if enacted under an upcoming rulemaking process, regulate the use of wake boats in Vermont's Lakes and Ponds that are regulated under the Use of Public Waters Rules. The Department will be holding one final meeting in the "pre-rulemaking" phase of the petition process to update the public on the development of the draft rule. The Department seeks feedback on the content of the proposed draft rule. 

A public meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 15, 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Any person can sign up to provide verbal feedback only on the proposed draft rule in person, or through the virtual platform (sign-ups close at 3pm on 2/10/2023). Oral statements will be limited to two minutes. The meeting will be held at the Highland Center for the Arts, 2875 Hardwick St, Greensboro, VT 05841, and online via Microsoft Teams. To join the meeting remotely, Click here to join the meeting at the scheduled time or call 802-828-7667 and enter the Conference ID number: 707 701 931#. Note: the call-in option provides audio only.

Please note that once the draft rule moves forward into formal rulemaking, there will be at least one public hearing as well as an opportunity to provide written comment.

Please review the content of the proposed draft rule here.

Sign-up to provide feedback on the draft rule here:

Event Date
February 15, 2023 to February 15, 2023