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Vermont Invasive Patroller Survey Data Sheet

Water Conditions:

Relative Water Level
Water Clarity
Light Conditions (Check all that apply)
Surface Conditions (Check all that apply)

Survey of Aquatic Invasive Species:

Please check the box for species that were already known to exist in the waterbody and observed during the survey.

Aquatic Plants
Aquatic Animals
Watch List

Watch List Species

Hydrilla (H) Brazilian Water Weed (BW) Fanwort (F) Parrot Feather (PF)
Hydrilla (H) Brazilian Water Weed Color Image Fanwort Color ImageFanwort Black and White Parrot Feather Color ImageParrot Feather Black and White Image

New Suspicious Species Observed?

Indicate location (lat/long), approximate size of plant bed or colony, if applicable

Sample Submitted to VT DEC ?
Sample Submitted to VT DEC ?
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