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Indirect Discharge Rules

April 30, 2003
(a) These rules establish standards and procedures that the Secretary uses in reviewing
permit applications for indirect discharges and in the issuance and administration of
indirect discharge permits under the authority referenced in §14-101 above. These
rules further implement the policies established in the Water Pollution Control Act (10
V.S.A. Chapter 47) and in the Groundwater Protection Act (10 V.S.A., Chapter 48). It
is the purpose of these rules to insure that:
(1) Indirect discharges comply with the provisions of the Vermont Water Quality
Indirect Discharge Rules Page 2
(2) Indirect discharges and associated treatment and disposal systems are designed and
constructed in a manner that will provide reliable protection of the public health,
groundwater, and surface water during operation and maintenance.
(3) New indirect discharges of sewage from systems with a design capacity of 6,500 gpd
or more:
(A) will not significantly alter the aquatic biota in the receiving waters,
(B) will not pose more than a negligible risk to the public health, and
(C) will be consistent with existing and potential beneficial uses of the waters.
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