E-Cycles Registration and Reporting


Questions? Karen Knaebel: (802) 522-5736 or karen.knaebel@vermont.gov

Who must register in Vermont?
Who must register? Video link

Form for New Registrations (new permanent facilities and new collection events)

Training video on how to register an electronic collection event, as required by the State of Vermont.
Collection Event Registration Video Link 

Returning Registrant Login (changes or updates to existing registrations)

For assistance, follow this video walk-through on how to update your registration.
How to update registration video link


Questions? Becky Webber: (802) 522-3658 or rebecca.webber@vermont.gov

Reporting under ReTRAC: go to connect.re-trac.com and log in using your user name and password.

Setting up a Re-TRAC account

Who must and how to submit your annual E-Waste report in Re-TRAC