Heating Oil Tank Removal/Replacement Financial Assistance Program

FY 2019 Aboveground Storage Tank removal/replacement and Underground Storage Tank removal applications are available.

The AST and UST applications are now seperate. If you are removing a basement tank that is considered an aboveground tank. Please complete and submit the correct application. 

Completed applications for the removal/replacement of abovground storage tanks will be accepted starting on 5/15/2018.

Work completed prior to application approval is not eligible for financial assistance.  Propane tanks are not included in this program

The latest press release from October 2017.


The owner of a farm or residential heating fuel storage tank used for on-premises heating or an underground or aboveground heating fuel storage tank used for on-premis heating by a mobil home park resident, who desires assistance may apply for financial assistance through the Petroleum Cleanup Fund (PCF). The PCF offers financial assistance to low income Vermont (VT) tank owners towards the removal, replacement, or upgrade of aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) and underground storage tanks (USTs) used to store heating oil that provide heat to a non-commercial property located in Vermont. The financial assistance program has limited funding. The programs total fiscal year expenditures is not to exceed $400,000 per fiscal year (FY) from July 1 to June 30.   The next review of AST removal/replacement only applications and awards will be done around the first full week of June 2018. This will be for FY 2019 (which starts 7/1/2018). UST removal/replacement applications may be reviewed for financial assistance around the first full week of July (week of July 9).

Commerical or Non profit organizations may be able to recieve a loan throught the Vermont Community Loan Fund (VCLF). For more information on the VCLF please use the following link  https://www.investinvermont.org/

The goal of the financial assistance program is to assist low income VT property owners in replacing, or upgrading, tanks which otherwise might leak and cause adverse impact to the environment. In many cases, this means prioritizing funds to the lowest incomes applicants who otherwise would not have the financial resources to accomplish the tank replacement. Environmental risk and household income are the two main considerations for allocation of funds, as set forth in Statute (https://legislature.vermont.gov/statutes/section/10/059/01941 (g))

The amount of an applicant's financial assistance will be determined at the time when a complete application is received and reviewed (provided there is funding available). Incomplete applications will not be considered and may be returned. Applicants will be notified in writing if they are approved and how much financial assistance they may receive.  Any application deemed ineligible to received financial assistance will also be notified in writing of the denial of the application.

Aboveground storage tank (AST)  means any tank, other than underground storage tank (UST)  containing heating fuel (#2 oil or Kerosene). 

Underground Storage Tank (UST) is a tank that is buried on the property containing #2 fuel oil (not a tank in the basement, that is an Aboveground Tank)

Residential use underground storage tanks(buried on property) that are in use are not required to be removed. If the underground tank is out of service for more than 1 year it needs to be removed (or if removal is not option due to a structure over the tank, in-place closure is allowable). Please see the brochure on removing or closing in place underground storage tanks.

AST removal/replacement applicants showing a household income greater than $65,000 are not eligible for financial assistance through this program. 

UST removal/replacement applicants with a household incomes over $75,000 may be eligible for financial assistance, should the tank being remove be large (for example a tank is >1500 gallons or greater) and /or there are more than 4 people living at that residence. 

AST removal/replacement applicants will be expected to seek cost bids for the job in an effort to keep costs reasonable. A mimimum of three competitive bids is required. Household incomes in the range of $50,000.00-$65,000.00 for AST removal/replacement, may be offered financial assistance not to exceed $1000, with no requirement to provide bids for the work. 

AST and UST applicants whose heat source will no longer be fuel oil or kerosene, a lower priority status will be given to applications in the form of a smaller finanacial assistance amount. Again if work has be done prior to an application being recieved and approved, no assistance will be given to the applicant.   Should documentation show work was completed prior to applicantion recieved and approved, then this is cause for a denial of assistance (even if the initial application was approved).

Aboveground Storage Tank Rules

Any aboveground storage tank that is used to supply fuel for heat is subject to meeting the requirements of the AST Checklist.  This checklist will need to be completed by the installer of the AST or by a certified plumbing and heating technician. The completed checklist is to be received by the financial assistance staff before payment can be made. Please be aware that there maybe other installation requirements from the Department of Public Safety's Division of Fire Prevention for the new  tank. 

UST removal  applicants only must identify, on the application, a consultant who will be performing the environmental site assessment at commencement of construction. Here is a list of environmental consultants  to assist in that requirement.

How to Apply for Financial Assistance (currently only for AST removal/replacement)

AST replacements for FY 2019 will accept applications starting 5/15/2018

New for the FY 2019 program Aboveground Storage and Underground Storage applications will be seperate applications. The new AST application is posted below. The UST application will be posted in a few weeks(towards the end of April)

FY2019 AST application (form may be filled out on-line, but it must be printed and submitted by mail, fax or scanned and emailed). 

FY 2019 UST(buried on the property)application
UST removal applications will be reviewed and assistance award letters will be sent out the second week of July 2018 (FY 2019). Funds are limited its possible not all applicants will awarded assistance. Work done before recieving an approval letter from the program administrator will not be eligible for assistance.

In addition to the application form, applicants must provide:

  • proof of home ownership (a property tax bill or deed), and
  • full household income. Income should be demonstrated via a Federal Income tax filing (1040, EZ, or EZA) where possible, SSI statements or other forms of proof are acceptable when Federal Income tax forms are not filed. Please do not submit State Tax returns or W2s as proof of income.

Submit completed application packages by mail or email.   Mailing address:

VT DEC, Waste Management & Prevention Division
1 National Life Dr, Davis 1
Montpelier, VT 05620-3704

Aboveground Storage Tank (AST)  applications for AST removals/replacement should be addressed to the attention of Kristin Schultz or if sending by email please use  kristin.schultz@vermont.gov  

Underground Storage Tank (USTs) applications for UST removals should be addressed to the attention of Susan Thayer or if sending by email please use susan.thayer@vermont.gov

Questions? Please call 802-828-1138

Agency of Natural Resources
Department of Environmental Conservation
Waste Management and Prevention Division

Davis Building - 1st Floor
One National Life Drive
Montpelier, VT 05620-3704