River Corridors


River Corridor & Floodplain Maps

River Corridor and Floodplain Protection

The River Corridor & Floodplain Protection section works with landowners, municipalities, regional planning commissions, NGOs, and agencies of state and federal government to reduce flood risk by protecting and restoring natural and beneficial river and floodplain functions.  For other useful resources in helping your community prepare for flooding, visit the Flood Ready Vermont website.

•    Regional Floodplain Manager contact information (regulatory technical assistance);

•    Regional River Scientist contact information (technical assistance on river assessment, river corridor mapping and planning, and conservation/restoration projects); 

•    Technical and regulatory assistance for developments within river corridors and floodplains

•    Stream Geomorphic Assessment;

•    River corridor planning, protection, and restoration;

•    Flood resilience planning support; and, 

•    FEMA National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)