Lake Encroachment Application Resources

Once an application is complete, it is sent with a request for comments to adjoining landowners; local, regional and state offices; and other interested persons. The Watershed Management Division may conduct investigations, meetings, and site evaluations to verify information contained in an application. Generally it takes 60-90 days for a final decision to be issued once an application is considered complete. 

The factors considered during the review of a project's effect on the public good include water quality; fish and wildlife habitat; aquatic and shoreline vegetation; navigation, recreation and other uses; consistency with the natural surroundings; consistency with local ordinances or state plans; and the cumulative impact of other existing encroachments. Applications are also reviewed for consistency with the Public Trust Doctrine. There must be a public purpose, public benefit, or both associated with the project in order for the application to be approved. In making this public trust determination, consideration will be given to the public purpose served by the encroachment, the public benefits created by the proposed encroachment, and any adverse impacts on public trust uses and the public resource as a result of the encroachment.

Lake Encroachment Permit Application

Lake Encroachment Permit Application, Abutting Land Owner Addendum

Lake Encroachment Permit Fees
Lake Encroachment Structural Erosion Control $250
Lake Encroachment Non-Structural Erosion Control $155
Lake Encroachment Other Encroachment Projects $300 plus 1% of construction costs; not to exceed $20,000 per application.


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