Technical Reports

asbestos mine entrance

Technical Reports consist of reports by consultants and in-house reports for specific geologic and societal issues.

VGTR2016-1: Van Hoesen, J. Anderson, O., and Duncan, J., 2016, Final report summarizing the efficacy of GIS-based modeling of landslide susceptibility, Addison County, Vermont:  Vermont Geological Survey Technical Report VGTR2016-1.

VGTR2013-2: Gale, M, Ruksznis, A, and Becker, L, 2013, Geochemical and thermal conductivity data of selected Vermont bedrock formations: Vermont Geological Survey Technical Report VGTR2013-2. 

VGTR2013-1:  Lens, J and Springston, G, 2013, Report on the comparison of shear wave velocity measurements with Multispectral Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) along with Microtremor Array Method (MAM), Seismic Cone Penetration Tests (SCPT), and Standard Penetration Tests (SPT) for the Burlington and Colchester, Vermont USGS 7-1/2 minute quadrangles. (Also see Open File Report VG13-3)

VGTR2012-1:  Clift, A and Springston, G, 2012, Protocol for Identification of Areas Sensitive to Landslide Hazards in Vermont. This report is part of the State Hazard Mitigation Plan by the Vermont Dept. of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

VGTR2011-1: Gale, M, Becker, L, and Kim, J, 2011, Vermont Bedrock and Its Potential for Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide: Vermont Geological Survey Technical Report VGTR2011-1.

VGTR2007-1: Springston, G, 2007, Report on streambank stability assessment techniques: Vermont Geological Survey Technical Report VGTR2007-1. 

VGTR2000-1: Stone Environmental, 2000, Final Report for Watershed Hydrology Protection and Flood Mitigation: Phase I (submitted in 1998): Vermont Geological Survey Technical Report VGTR2000-1.

VGTR2000-2:  Center for Watershed Protection and others, 2000, Watershed Hydrology Protection and Flood Mitigation Project: Phase II- Technical Analysis (submitted in 1999): Vermont Geological Survey Technical Report VGTR2000-2.

VGTR2000-3: Center for Watershed Protection and others, 2000, Impact Assessment of Instream Management Practices on Channel Morphology (submitted in 1999): Vermont Geological Survey Technical Report VGTR2000-3.

VGTR1998-1: Kim, J, 1998, Magnesium Extraction from Asbestos Mine Tailings: Vermont Geological Survey Technical Report VGTR1998-1.

Other reports and documents:

Impact of Tropical Storm Irene on Streams in Vermont - a power point presentation by George Springston and Kristen Underwood, 2011 


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