Special Bulletins, 1968-1995

A Special Bulletin consists of illustrated text with a geologic map and cross-sections for bedrock geology  in various areas of Vermont.

Special Bulletin 1: Geology of the Plattsburgh and Rouses Point, New York‑Vermont quadrangles, Donald W. Fisher, 51 p., 2 plates, scale 1:62,500, 1968.  Paper copy -$23.00 

Special Bulletin 2: Bedrock geology of the Lincoln area, Vermont [parts of Lincoln, Starksboro and Monkton VT], Peter R. Tauvers, 8 p., 1 plate, scale 1:24,000, 1982.  Paper copy - $8.00 

Special Bulletin 3: Bedrock geology of the Milton quadrangle, northwestern Vermont, Rebecca J. Dorsey, Paul C. Agnew, Craig M. Carter, Eric J. Rosencrantz and Rolfe S. Stanley, 14 p., 4 plates, scales 1:62,500 and 1:24,000, 1983.  Paper copy - $23.00

Special Bulletin 4: Geology of the Starksboro area, Vermont [parts of Starksboro and Huntington, VT], Joseph A. DiPietro, 14 p., 2 plates, scale 1:24,000, 1983.  Paper copy - $13.00

Special Bulletin 5:  Simplified lithotectonic synthesis of pre‑Silurian rocks in Western New England, Rolfe S. Stanley and Nicholas Ratcliffe, 9 p., 2 plates, various scales, 1983.  Paper copy - $13.00

Special Bulletin 6: Bedrock geology of the Mount Abraham‑Lincoln Gap area, central Vermont [parts of Lincoln and Warren, VT], Sharon B. O'Loughlin and Rolfe S. Stanley, 29 p., 3 plates, scale 1:12,000, 1986. Paper copy - $15.00

Special Bulletin 7: Bedrock geology of the Mount Grant‑South Lincoln area, central Vermont [part of Lincoln, VT], Eric T. Lapp and Rolfe S. Stanley, 27 p., 3 plates, scale 1:12,000 , 1986. Paper copy - $15.00

Special Bulletin  8: Bedrock geology of the northern part of the Lincoln Massif, central Vermont [parts of Lincoln, Ripton, Middlebury and Bristol, VT], Vincent DelloRusso and Rolfe S. Stanley, 56 p., 4 plates, scales 1:24,000 and 1:12,000, 1986. Paper copy - $20.00

Special Bulletin 9: Stratigraphy and bedrock geology of the northwestern portion of the St. Albans quadrangle and the adjacent Highgate Center quadrangle, Vermont, Charlotte J. Mehrtens and Rebecca J. Dorsey, 28 p., 3 plates, scales 1:24,000 and 1:12,000, 1987. Paper copy - $20.00

Special Bulletin 10: Bedrock geology of the East Fletcher‑Bakersfield area, northern Vermont [parts of Bakersfield, Fletcher, and Cambridge, VT], Timothy D. Mock, 28 p., 3 plates, scale 1:12,000, 1989.  Paper copy - $20.00

Special Bulletin 11: Stratigraphy and bedrock geology of parts of the Colchester and Georgia Plains quadrangles, northwestern Vermont, Charlotte J. Mehrtens and Mary A. Borre, 29 p., 2 plates, scale 1:24,000, 1989.  Paper copy -$15.00

Special Bulletin 12: Bedrock geology of the Camels Hump‑Bolton Mountain area, northcentral Vermont [parts of the Richmond, Huntington, Bolton Mountain and Waterbury 7.5' quadrangles], Peter J. Thompson and Thelma Barton Thompson, 32 p., 4 plates, scale 1:24,000, 1992.  Paper copy - $25.00

Special Bulletin 13: Bedrock geology of the Fayston‑Buels Gore area, central Vermont [parts of the Huntington, Mt. Ellen, and Waitsfield 7.5' quadrangles], Gregory J. Walsh, 74 p., 4 plates, scale 1:24,000, 1992.  Paper copy - $25.00

Special Bulletin 14: Bedrock geology of parts of the St. Albans and Georgia 7.5' quadrangles, Charlotte J. Mehrtens and Ann C.H. Hadley, 18 p., 1 plate, scale 1:24,000, 1995. paper copy -$8.00

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