Lake Champlain

Mercury and Other Persistent Pollutants

Vermonter's are fortunate to have lakes and ponds that, for the most part, clean, clear, and enjoyable. When admiring the vistas from Lake Willoughby, cooling off on a hot summer day at Sunset Lake in Benson, or fishing Somerset Reservoir, it is tough to imagine that VT has a problem with heavy metals like mercury, or with other persistent organic pollutants such as PCB's and DDT. Unfortunately, though, contamination of our lakes by mercury is widespread throughout the state, and contamination by other persistent chemicals, while scattered, is indeed a problem.

Lake Champlain

A view of Lake Champlain with mountains in background

Vermonters love Lake Champlain.  We depend on the lake for fishing, swimming, boating, and other recreational pursuits.  It provides drinking water. Summer tourism and property values are tied to its health and beauty. The lake attracts businesses with a workforce that appreciates the lake’s natural beauty and Vermont’s working landscape.


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