hazardous waste

Hazardous Waste Management Regulations

16 December 2016
These regulations are intended to protect public health and the environment by comprehensively regulating the generation, storage, collection, transport, treatment, disposal, use, reuse, and recycling of hazardous waste in Vermont.

Container Management

CEGs, SQGs and LQGs:
All containers holding or storing  or accumulating hazardous waste must be:

  • kept closed except to add or remove waste;
  • placed on an impervious surface, in a structure that shed rain and snow;
  • protected from freezing;
  • in good condition and chemically compatable with the waste therein;

SQGs and LQGs:
Containers in satellite accumulation  (See § 7-310(a) of the Vermont Hazardous Waste Management Regulations) must be:

Hazardous Waste Facility Closure

A generator who no longer generates or manages hazardous waste at a site must, within 90 days of cessation of hazardous waste activities, close the site in a manner that:

Hazardous Waste Training Requirements

SQGs must: ensure that each employee is thoroughly familiar with evacuation signals and routes, and proper waste handling and emergency procedures relevant to their responsibilities during normal facility operations as well as emergencies.


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