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Green Infrastructure Education and Training

The Green Infrastructure Collaborative provides a variety of opportunities for ongoing education and training.  See our YouTube channel to access past presentations and educational opportunities.  Give us a like on Facebook to get updates on what we're up to. If you are interested in receiving email updates, join our Green Infrastructure Collaborative Google Group. 



Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI)

Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) is a complimentary and sometimes alternative systems to traditional or "gray infrastructure" to manage runoff from developed lands. Traditionally, stormwater runoff has been collected and conveyed in closed systems to off-site locations where it is then discharged, without treatment on surface waters.

Low Impact Development

Low Impact Development (LID) is defined as “an innovative land planning and design approach which seeks to maintain a site’s pre-development ecological and hydrological function through the protection, enhancement, or mimicry of natural processes.” There are many reasons to use LID, but stormwater management is a primary one.

Green Infrastructure Collaborative

Village Square FloodedThe Green Infrastructure Collaborative (GIC) is a partnership between the Lake Champlain Sea Grant Program (LCSG) at UVM and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. The Collaborative will promote Low Impact Development (LID) and Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) practices in Vermont watersheds to manage stormwater runoff from developed lands. 

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Log

The Geological Survey focused on collecting water well temperature data as an indicator of temperature gradients, radionuclide chemistry as a potential natural augmentation to heat production, thermal conductivity measurements which impact heat flow, and structural data particularly rock anisotropy and fracture data. Thermal conductivity and geochemical data for 40 rock samples plus 17 water well temperature records were uploaded to the National Geothermal Data System for easy access.


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