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Air Quality and Climate Division Public Notices

About Public Notices

The Division regularly engages in processes and decision-making where we value the input and participation of the public. Many processes include unique public involvement requirements; the documents listed here are posted in compliance with those requirements. Click on a link below to learn more  and to submit comments to the Division. For information on the status of permits that the AQCD is working on see the Environmental Notice Bulletin.

Regional Haze State Implementation Plan (2018-2028)

This SIP revision is to protect and improve visibility levels in Federal Class I Areas in Vermont as well as in other states affected by air contaminant emissions originating in Vermont.  The only Class I Area in Vermont is the Lye Brook Wilderness Area within the Green Mountain National Forest.  This SIP revision establishes the progress goal and long term strategy for the second ten-year regional haze planning period (2018 – 2028) to achieve the goal of reaching natural background visibility levels by 2064.

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