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The Division regularly engages in processes and decision-making where we value the input and participation of the public. Many processes include unique public involvement requirements; the documents listed here are posted in compliance with those requirements. Click on a link below to learn more  and to submit comments to the Division. For information on the status of permits that the AQCD is working on see the Environmental Notice Bulletin.

Ozone Transport Commission notice of public comment period and public hearing

19 July 2019
The Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) is announcing a public hearing and soliciting public comment regarding whether the OTC should review recent operations and develop additional control measures within part of the Ozone Transport Region (OTR), specifically the potential need for daily NOx limits at coal-fired Electricity Generating Units (EGUs) in Pennsylvania, as necessary to bring any area in the OTR into attainment by the dates mandated by the Clean Air Act (CAA). Specifically, the OTC is soliciting public comment on: 1) whether the OTC should develop additional control measures for Pennsylvania, and if so, 2) how those specific control measures should be structured.
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