Monitoring, Assessment, and Planning Public Notices

Public comments are being accepted by the Watershed Management Division for the issues listed below.
Comments must be received by 4:30 p.m. on the date in which comments are due.


July 18, 2018 – 10:00 to 12:00PM – Valhalla Room, 4th Floor, Hotel Jay

Purpose of the Meeting –Jay Peak Resort (JPR) meets each year with the Agency of Natural Resources – Department of Environmental Conservation (ANR‐DEC) to review the findings and conclusions of the previous year’s biomonitoring results and the Water Quality Management Plan Report (WQMP). In addition to being a requirement of the ANR Procedure for Water Quality Remediation Plans (2015), this meeting also reflects the Settlement Agreement between JPR and the Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC). The language in the Settlement Agreement concerning this annual meeting states the following:

5.0    Annual Meeting
5.1    JPR will meet and confer with ANR and VNRC annually to determine whether proposed construction‐phase and operational‐phase discharge(s) of the pollutant(s) of concern can be offset by offset projects implemented by JPR and to present and answer questions regarding monitoring data. This meeting will be hosted by ANR; held in or around Jay, Vermont; open to the public; and noticed by JPR in a local newspaper of general circulation.

The discussion topics below are intended to cover the review of the annual WQMP Report as well as any new information concerning offsets and construction projects following the conclusion of the joint settlement discussions in February.

Discussion Topics

  • Review 2017 WQMP Report
    • General overview of monitoring results and findings in context of the Settlement Agreement
      • Review of results at specific biomonitoring sites
      • Comparison to interim biocriteria targets
      • Proposed delisting of Jay Branch and Tributary 9 to Jay Branch
    • Review of conductivity and chloride measurements and locations
    • Discussion
  • Upcoming 2018 WQRP Activities
    • Sediment Source Assessments and Reduction Measures
    • 2018 Water Quality Monitoring Plan
    • Offset Bank Update
  • 2018 Construction Projects
  • Site Visits / Bus Tour


Monitoring, Assessment, and Planning Program Notices
Meeting Date and location Basin or Study Subject Documents
July 18, 2018 – 10:00 to 12:00PM
Valhalla Room, 4th Floor, Hotel Jay
Annual Public Meeting to Review the Jay Peak Resort 2017 Water Quality Remediation Plan Performance Report and 2017 Water Quality Remediation Plan Update

Timely comments will be considered in the formulation of a final decision. Paper copies are available for a fee.  During this notice period, a person may request a public informational meeting regarding any draft decision.  Any meeting request must state the person’s interest and the reasons why a meeting is warranted.  Such a meeting will be held if there is sufficient interest.  Be certain your name and mailing address are included in the e-mail message.

Alternatively, you may submit comments via US Mail to:

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