Basin 4 - South Lake Champlain Tactical Basin Planning

Hikers overlooking the lake from an elevated, wooded vantage point

June 20, 2014: The South Lake Champlain Tactical Basin Plan is now available for use by stakeholders and the public.

The Tactical Basin Planning process for the Southern Lake Champlain Basin (comprised of the Poultney and Mettowee Rivers, and the Lower Champlain Direct drainages) commenced in 2012 to identify water resource concerns as well as water quality improvement recommendations within the southern Lake Champlain Watershed in Addison and Rutland County, Vermont.  The goal of this tactical basin planning process (for more on the tactical basin planning process, please see Chapter 4 of the Statewide Surface Water Management Strategy) has been to produce a Southern Lake Champlain Watershed Improvement Plan, that identifies high priority actions for the protection and restoration of surface waters in this Basin. This new Tactical Basin Plan draws from previous efforts identified in the Poultney Mettowee Basin Plan (2005) and the South Lake Workplan (drafted in 2009 and updated in October of 2012).

For more information concerning the Partnership or the water quality management plan for the Southern Lake Champlain Basin contact Ethan Swift at 802-490-6141, Vermont DEC Watershed Coordinator.

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