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Vermont Technical College

Vermont Organics Recycling Summit (VORS)

Vermonters are making great strides towards 2020 and the full phase-in of the landfill ban on organics. The Vermont Organics Recycling Summit is helping lead the way: a statewide forum to think boldly, learn, and network about transforming food waste and other organic materials into valuable products.

The Summit will highlight business success stories, the use of compost products for storm water management, research, and outreach models. Workshops are designed to help businesses, institutions, communities and residents meet the State’s organics diversion, food rescue, and food scrap recycling goals. The morning plenary features Keynote presentation by Nora Goldstein, Editor of BioCycle, and a State of the State by Agency of Natural Resources staff. 

To register, visit the VORS website.


Evolving Regulations and Emerging Contaminants

This conference, hosted by the Vermont Environmental Consortium, the Department of Conservation, and Vermont Technical College,  will cover new and proposed regulations related to groundwater, contaminated and Brownfield properties, hazardous waste, as well as an update on Vermont’s testing and regulation of emerging contaminants such as PFOA. It will be led by a combination of VT DEC regulators and industry professionals, and geared toward environmental consultants, attorneys, developers, real estate professionals, and the regulatory community.  Visit the conference web site for more information.

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