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Public comments are being accepted by the Watershed Management Division for the issues listed below.
Comments must be received by 4:30 p.m. on the date in which comments are due.

Notice of Document Availability for Public Comment


Jay Peak Resort: 2018 Water Quality Remediation Plan Update- Proposed Route 242 Parking Lot Treatment System

The Watershed Management Division is making available for public comment Jay Peak Resort’s 2018 Water Quality Remediation Plan Update – proposed Route 242 Parking Lot Treatment System.  A Water Quality Remediation Plan (WQRP) has been developed to address water quality impairments to streams near Jay Peak Resort.  The WQRP sets forth actions to be taken to improve water quality as well as a monitoring plan to track improvements.  The goal of the WQRP is to return the impaired streams to compliance with the Vermont Water Quality Standards.  This amendment describes a proposed “large-scale” BMP in the South Mountain Branch watershed.

In accordance with the Division’s Procedure for Water Quality Remediation Plans, a comment period has been established to receive written comment on the above amendment.  After the close of the comment period, the Division will consider all public comments and will prepare and post a written response to comments.  The deadline for comment submittal is September 5, 2018.

A public meeting may be requested by any member of the public during the comment period.

Written comments or requests can be addressed to:

VTDEC Watershed Management Division
ATTN: Tim Clear
One National Life Dr., Main 2
Montpelier, VT 5602

or as an email/attachment sent to Tim Clear (


Monitoring, Assessment, and Planning Program Notices
Deadline for Comment Submittal Basin or Study Subject Documents
September 5, 2018 Jay Peak Resort: 2018 Water Quality Remediation Plan Update- Proposed Route 242 Parking Lot Treatment System

Timely comments will be considered in the formulation of a final decision. Paper copies are available for a fee.  During this notice period, a person may request a public informational meeting regarding any draft decision.  Any meeting request must state the person’s interest and the reasons why a meeting is warranted.  Such a meeting will be held if there is sufficient interest.  Be certain your name and mailing address are included in the e-mail message.

Alternatively, you may submit comments via US Mail to:

Public Comment
Monitoring, Assessment, and Planning Program
Watershed Management Division
1 National Life Drive, Main 2
Montpelier, VT 05620-3522

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