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Greeter on Duty with informational sandwich board

Aquatic invasive species are spread by overland transport of watercraft, trailers, and fishing and recreational equipment. The most effective way to prevent spread is through education and equipment inspections designed to catch invasive species "hitching a ride" from one waterbody to another. Preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species is far more effective and economically sensible than eradicating invasive species once they are established. With support from Vermont DEC, Public Access Greeters educate lake visitors about invasive species, provide courtesy watercraft inspections and STOP introductions.

The Program

Since 2002, the Vermont Public Access Greeter Program has expanded to 24 locally-run programs and 7 State Parks covering 32 launches on 26 lakes and ponds. The total number of watercraft of varying types inspected has followed suit, with 404 in 2002 to 17,484 in 2014, and over 22,000 in 2015. Greeters also greeted and educated thousands of visitors about aquatic invasive species and spread prevention techniques, sharing the Clean, Drain, Dry! message. In 2015, greeters intercepted and removed 469 instances of aquatic invasive species, roughly 64% ofNumber of watercraft inspected per year in Vermont recorded intercepts. Detected invasive species were Eurasian watermilfoil, curly-leaf pondweed, and zebra mussels. Eurasian watermilfoil represented 99% of aquatic invasive species intercepts.

Boat Access Greeter Duties

  • Approaching and interacting with boaters
  • Inspecting watercraft
  • Identifying and handling suspicious specimens
  • Collecting and reporting data
  • Distributing educational material on aquatic invasive species 

Number of instances per year that organic material was found on watercraftTraining

If you are a new greeter, a program coordinator, or would just like to brush up on the latest information regarding aquatic invasive species, join us for a training workshop and learn about:

  •  aquatic invasive species biology, threats to Vermont, and the importance of spread prevention
  • aquatic invasive species identification
  • access area rules and regulations, baitfish regulations, and invasive species laws
  • tips on delivering invasive species messages and interacting with the public 

Greeter Program T-shirt Design - yellow short-sleeved shirt with Vermont logo on upper left front and 'Access Greeter' on the back                                                                        Program Materials

If you currently run a program or want to start a new program, we provide a “Greeter on Duty” welcoming sandwich board for each program, “Access Greeter” t-shirts and training manual for each greeter, up-to-date informational literature for public distribution, and other giveaways for the boating public designed to promote the "Clean, Drain, Dry" message.


If you are interested in starting a greeter program, hosting a training workshop or learning more about aquatic invasive species, contact Josh Mulhollem at or (802) 490-6121. 

Greeter Program Resources

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