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The Vermont Air Quality & Climate Division (AQCD) of the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) implements state regulations and the federal Clean Air Act. As part of this implementation, the AQCD monitors air quality and air pollution sources, proposes regulations to improve existing air quality, ensures compliance with the regulations, and issues permits to control pollution from sources of air contaminants across the state. 

The Permitting & Engineering Services Section of the AQCD is responsible for the implementation of  air emission permits.  There are two separate permit programs: Permits to Construct and Permits to Operate. Each program  is described in more detail on their respective links below:

Construction Permits

Operating Permits

Want to check on the application status of a permit?

Information pertaining to the review status of individual permit applications may be obtained from the Agency of Natural Resources' Environmental Notice Bulletin.  

Want to view an issued permit?

To view all issued Construction and Operating Permits, please visit out Air Permits Database.

Need help applying for a permit?

An excellent reference for getting started in applying for a permit is the Air Pollution Control Permitting Handbook.  Some permitting and compliance testing scenarios may require professional assistance from  consultants familiar with the regulations and appropriate emission control technologies.  A list of consultants can be found  at Air Permitting & Testing Consultants.   An essential reference for determing allowable emissions is the US EPA's Technology Transfer Network Clearinghouse for Inventories & Emissions Factors.  You may also find answers to your questions in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you have other questions or would like to comment on any of these topics, you may contact the Permitting & Engineering Section Manager via email:  Doug Elliott , Permitting & Engineering Section Chief or phone: (802) 377-5939