General Permit 3-9010 - Renewal of Operational Stormwater Discharges

General Permit 3-9010 is used to renew stormwater discharge permits that were issued for discharges to waters that are not impaired due to stormwater runoff. Refer to the following links for the full permit language.

Coverage under this general permit is required for your property if:

  • The site previously received coverage under General Permit 3-9015 or 3-9010 and that authorization is due to expire.
  • The site has previously received a stormwater discharge permit (10 V.S.A. §1263 or §1264).   
  • The site has previously received a temporary pollution permit (10 V.S.A. §1265) and the permitted discharge is to waters of the State of Vermont that are not principally impaired by regulated stormwater runoff.

Coverage is required whether or not the previously issued permit has expired. If the previously issued permit has not yet expired, then you must apply for coverage at least 90 days before the expiration date of the permit.

Some of the properties permitted under previous stormwater regulations have changed ownership since they were originally permitted. Where possible, the state has identified and contacted the current owners of these properties and notified them of their need to seek coverage under GP 3-9010. This is an ongoing process and there are still some expired permits that have not been resolved.

If you suspect that your facility has an expired stormwater permit, you may consult the map of existing stormwater permits. If your facility has an expired stormwater permit you will need to send in a permit application and Notice of Intent using the forms below.

If your stormwater permit is located in a stormwater impaired watershed your site is not eligible for coverage under GP 3-9010. You can find additional information concerning your permit on the VT DEC Stormwater Impaired Watershed web page.

Application Materials

The PDF versions of the forms listed below are being phased out after the current reporting period ending July 15, 2017.  For more information please visit Stormwater's ANR Online Forms page.

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