ANC General Permit

On May 1, 2018, the Aquatic Nuisance Control General Permit for the use of nonchemical aquatic nuisance and rapid response control activities, was issued.  This general permit is limited to the use of benthic barriers and powered mechanical devices that utilize diver assisted suction harvesting as nonchemical aquatic nuisance control activities in waters of the State.  Control activities include: aquatic nuisance control activities that target only aquatic plants determined to be an aquatic nuisance; and rapid response control activities that target only nonindigenous new aquatic species that are aquatic plants, which have been discovered within the past two years in a waterbody, or rediscovered if the aquatic plants had not been observed in a waterbody for more than five years, provided the Secretary finds that an emergency exists.  Authorization under this general permit is limited to aquatic nuisance control activities undertaken by an individual shoreline property owner or lake association and rapid response control activities undertaken by a lake association only.  Under 10 V.S.A. Chapter 170, aquatic nuisance control activities require Type 4 notice (minimum 14-day public comment period) and rapid response control activities require Type 5 notice (emergency permits – no public comment period).

Application Materials:

Aquatic Nuisance Control General Permit
Aquatic Nuisance Control Activity Notice of Intent Application
Rapid Response Control Activity Registration Application
Lake Association Registration Form 
ANR Atlas (should be used to produce a map of the proposed project location and attach the map to an application):

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