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Collaborative Grant Opportunities

Vermont municipalities, regional organizations, nonprofit associations, citizen groups, and state agencies work together to get funds on the ground. See below for grant opportunities offered in partnership with the Clean Water Initiative Program, either by our block grant recipients or the Department of Fish & Wildlife.


Design/Implementation Block Grant Recipients

Three active design and implementation grants provided by Natural Resources Conservation Council (NRCC), Mount Ascutney Regional Commission (MARC) and Watersheds United Vermont (WUV) are available. The funding requirements are the same for all entities, though the application and grant administration process may vary somewhat. All three entities will have grant rounds in 2021. All eligible entities can apply through any grant holder and WUV, NRCC and MARC will coordinate on grant rounds, project applications, and remaining funding. 

For more information see website links below:

Green Schools Initiative Block Grant Recipient(s)

School Enrollment and Phase 1 (final stormwater design and permit obtainment) Block Grant Recipient: Greenprint Partners

The Clean Water Initiative Program's Request for Proposals to administer a block grant and develop a Green Schools Program to support public school three-acre sites in the Lake Champlain and Lake Memphremagog basin to complete final stormwater design and permit obtainment (Phase 1).


Vermont Watershed Grants

Conservation license plates

Vermonters have an opportunity to protect and restore watersheds through the Vermont Watershed Grants Program. Half of the proceeds derived from the sale of the Vermont Conservation License Plate go towards funding the Vermont Watershed Grants Program. The Program, co-administered by DEC and the Department of Fish and Wildlife, distributes grant dollars for noteworthy local and regional water-related projects within Vermont. The other half of proceeds derived from the Conservation License Plate go towards helping the Vermont Non-Game and Natural Heritage Program.

Since its creation in 1998, the Vermont Watershed Grant Program’s primary focus has been to support the protection, restoration, enhancement, and public appreciation of Vermont’s lake, pond, rivers and streams . The grant program also supports efforts that improve surface water quality in keeping with stated habitat improvement objectives. Persons can join our new mailing list to receive future announcements about the Watershed Grants Program. When you sign up to register, simply select "Watershed Grant Program announcements." 

Grant funds are available for water-related projects that:

Heavy equipment working on Wells River dam removal

  • Protect or restore fish and wildlife habitats
  • Protect or restore water quality, and shorelines;
  • Reduce phosphorus loading and/or sedimentation as part of DEC’s Clean Water Initiative objectives;
  • Enhance recreational use and enjoyment;
  • Identify and protect historic and cultural resources;
  • Educate people about watershed resources; or
  • Monitor fish and wildlife populations and/or water quality.
  • Refer to the Vermont Watershed Grants Application Guide below for more information


Who May Apply

A dozen or so people working on a streambank restoration.Municipalities, local or regional governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, and citizen groups are eligible to receive Watershed Grants for work on public or private lands. Individuals and state and federal agencies are not eligible to receive funds directly but may be partners of a project. See the Vermont Watershed Grants Application Guide below for more information.

Funding Categories

Watershed Grant: 

Awards made up to $10,000, depending on project category type. Category types and the maximum grant amount for each project category type are as follows:

  • Education and outreach – up to $5,000
  • Planning, assessment, inventory, monitoring – up to $3,500
  • On-the-ground implementation – up to $10,000

Watershed Grants Program dollars are intended for complete projects or for discreet, identifiable portions of larger projects. 

Application Information 

Grant awards are made on an annual cycle, with applications due in the fall of the year and funding decisions made the following mid-winter.

The 2022 Project Year grant application deadline is February 11, 2022. Persons interested in applying should consult and use the 2022 project year forms shown below. 

Completed applications should be emailed to with "2022 Watershed Grant Application" in the subject line.

A copy of the Grant Application Guide and the Grant Application may also be requested by contacting Will Eldridge at (802) 485-7566. 

For information about administering and reporting on grants, please see the Administrative Guide