Solid Waste Management Rules

DRAFT Solid Waste Management Rules Overview & Comment Period

Summary of the Draft Solid Waste Management Rules

This rulemaking is a comprehensive revision to the Agency of Natural Resources’ (ANR) Solid Waste Management Rules (SWMR).  Current regulations were last revised in 2012, specifically to address the addition of compost management facilities, the remainder of the regulations have not been updated since 2006.

This rulemaking intends to accomplish the following:

  • Restructure and organize of the SWMR for clarity;
  • Incorporate the provisions of existing solid waste procedures into rule;
  • Adjust and clarify, the existing regulations; and
  • Update the SWMR’s technical provisions to reflect recent legal and policy developments and the current practices occurring within Vermont’s solid waste management industry.

This formal comment period follows two informal comment periods on these revisions that occurred in 2017 and 2019.  The program considered comments received and prepared the responsiveness summaries found below.  This 2020 draft of the Solid Waste Management Rules has incorporated changes made in response to public comments in addition to other revisions, additions and removals the Program has made in the intervening time.

Draft Rules and Responsiveness Summaries:

  1. Summary of Significant Changes from the 2012 SWMR
  2. DRAFT Solid Waste Management Rules CLEAN
    DRAFT Solid Waste Management Rules ANNOTATED
  3. 2017 Responsiveness Summary
    2019 Responsiveness Summary

2020 Draft Solid Waste Management Rules Comment Period & Public Meetings:

The Program accepted comments on the Draft 2020 Solid Waste Management Rules through April 21, 2020.  Ten sets of comments were received and the full-text of each submittal is listed below.

We are now in the process of reviewing the comments submitted. Each comment will be responded to in a forthcoming Responsiveness Summary document which will also summarize any resulting changes made to the Draft Solid Waste Management Rules. 

Two public informational meetings were held virtually via Skype for Business and conference call on March 18th, 6-8 pm and March 23rd, 6-8 pm.


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