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2023 Ottauquechee, Black Rivers Tactical Basin Plan

September 20, 2023
The Tactical Basin Plan provides an overview of the basin, describes the water quality and habitat conditions and lays out the strategies and actions recommended for implementation to protect or improve rivers, lakes, and wetlands through cost-effective projects, including floodplain restorations, dam removals and 15 other types of projects. The 57 priority strategies focus on improving water quality and aquatic habitat in all land use sectors including agriculture, developed lands, wastewater and natural resources.


Antidegradation limits incremental lowering of water quality in lakes, rivers, and wetlands when applied during a permit review process. Any lowering of water quality must be found to be necessary to avoid substantial economic and social impacts. However, the surface water’s uses and values established in State law, such as swimming, boating, and fishing, must always be maintained and protected. Also included among those uses and values are the use of a surface water by fish, wildlife, and other living things, as well as the physical habitat that supports aquatic life. 

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