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Clean Water Initiative

Interim Phosphorus Reduction Calculator Tool

August 5, 2022
This spreadsheet tool has been developed to provide estimated annual phosphorus load reductions based on anticipated project implementation metrics to support project prioritization and initial cost effectiveness calculations. This tool is subject to change, please confirm the version of the tool you are using matches the current available version posted on this page. This tool is for planning and prioritization purposes only, DEC will calculate final phosphorus reduction credit following project closeout and confirmation of final project metrics as implemented.

CWIP Clean Water Project Data Reporting Standards

June 25, 2024
This Excel spreadsheet outlines how to report on clean water projects across land use sectors (agriculture, cross sector, developed lands, natural resources, and wastewater). Project types that we collect data on in each sector have the following information to help standardize reporting across partners: project type, practice type if applicable, a definition and minimum standards required to meet clean water reporting requirements, applicable performance measures, and data that would be required to estimate a phosphorus reduction.

Water Investment Division

The Water Investment Division coordinates investment of State and federal funding to all types of clean water and drinking water infrastructure in Vermont.  The Division manages the federal Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds (SRF) for clean water and drinking water infrastructure, and the Department’s proportion of annual state Clean Water Fund and Capital Fund dollars that support water infrastructure throughout Vermont.  The Division coordinates annual reporting for all funds, publishing annual State Revolving Fund, Clean Water Investment, and Tactical Basin Planning Rep

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