School Science Lab Assistance


Chemistry LabThe Vermont School Science Lab Safety Team (VSSLST) was established to help schools reduce their risk by helping them to work towards better chemical management and overall science lab safety. VSSLST is a group of individuals from the VT Department of Environmental Conservation Environmental Assistance Office, the VT Department of Health, the VT Department of Public Safety, VT School Boards Insurance Trust, VOSHA and the VT Agency of Education.

OSHA’s “Laboratory Standard” took effect in 1990. It is a standard performance-based program that provides basic outline requirements for an employer to assess hazards in laboratories and write a “chemical hygiene plan” tailored to meet their needs. The ultimate goal of VSSLST is to help schools develop a chemical hygiene plan that will ensure the safety of the teachers, students and environment.

We are available to come out to your school to assist you with your chemical inventory, storage and disposal, general safety in the lab and Chemical Hygiene Plan at NO COST. 

For assistance or to schedule a time for us to come to your school, email the team at

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